Why Me?

  • By Shanti Kurada, MS, MBA


    When our children are diagnosed with autism, we start off with the question, “Why me?” We often wonder if we have what it takes. Do we have the strength to face new challenges everyday? Do we have the fortitude to endure pain, the courage to stand up for our children? Why us indeed?


    If you still wonder about this sometimes, look around you. There are not enough words to describe the mothers of special needs children. They give more than it is possible to give. They have learnt to accept. To wait. To take pride in their children’s smallest steps forward.


    Whenever I doubt myself, I only have to call another mom to a special child, and talk for a few minutes. That is all it takes to renew my strength, to affirm my faith. When you are in doubt or in need of some courage, reach out to another mom. Another voice of encouragement can make a world of difference.


    When you need some strength, think of all those moms who, despite having a long harried day, have read to their children, no matter how tuned out they might seem, before kissing them goodnight.


    Also think of all those ‘second moms’ to our children – sisters and aunts that play with them, grandmothers that bake for them, neighbors that watch over them, teachers and therapists that don’t give up on them.


    As a community, yes, we do have what it takes to raise our children, to give them the best possible chance at a fulfilling, productive life.


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