Treasuring those ‘firsts’

  • By Shanti Kurada, MS, MBA


    Do you remember the first time your child looked in your eyes and made dazzling eye contact? May be you refused to stay longer at the park, and he summoned his best possible response to convince you – that sweet, helpless, heart-melting look that you crave.


    What about the first time he rode his bicycle without support wheels? One minute, you had your right hand on the back of his seat, your left one on the handle, and your back was killing you. Exhausted, you let go for a minute, and voila, he takes off into the distance, biking independently, making all those harrowing back bending hours worth it!


    Do you recall the first word your child used spontaneously, without a trace of prompting? Perhaps you were putting away the cookies, and you heard him say “More” and it sounded like a little tinkling musical note.


    Isn’t this the most wonderful part of raising a special child – all those ’firsts’ that we treasure, all those ‘firsts’ that go unnoticed with typical children? We would never have realized that these experiences are joyful gifts if we hadn’t gone through a huge shift in perspective brought on by parenting our special kids.


    Everyday, our children bring us fears and doubts, desires and hopes. But sometimes, what they bring us is simple, unexpected gifts – that meaningful smile when you come home, that perfect catch when you toss the ball. Those little surprises keep us going.


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