Teaching Counting


    Mom to 5 year old with ASD

    My daughter has just learnt to say the numbers from 1 through 10.  I know with practice, she will eventually learn her numbers through 20, then 50, and so on.  But they mean nothing to her.  One to one correspondence is a hard concept for her.  I’ve tried to get her to count cubes while seated at a table, but she her verbal counting doesn’t match her physical counting.  I’ve started doing it differently.  I now get my daughter to count everyday objects at home.  We are no longer seated at a table.  We count spoons and forks before setting the table for dinner.  We count cups of water while cooking.  We count socks as we toss them into drawers after doing the laundry.  This has made a huge difference.  She is actually able to correspond her verbal counting to her physical actions.  She occasionally misses counting an object, and then I remind her to include it.

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