Spring Break Ideas

  • Whether you work full time or part time, outside/in your home, find pockets of time to have fun during spring break.  If you don’t have the time to go out on extended outings, don’t worry.  Here are some easy ideas to try out, right in your home and neighborhood:


    Monday: Go to the garden store with your child.  Observe the colors and textures, and point out interesting plants like cactus to him.  Help him pick a colorful flowering plant for your front yard.  Go home and plant it together.  He can help with some of the digging, holding the plant while you pack soil around it, and he can help water the plant.


    Tuesday: Watch a movie with your child.  You could go to the theatre or watch at home.  Snuggle up on the couch and munch on his favorite snack.  If he typically does not sit through an entire movie, settle for half a movie, or even a half hour show.  Later, you could imitate some of the characters or voices and see if your child responds.  If your child is able to, you could discuss the story with him.


    Wednesday: Go grocery shopping with your child.  Make a list with pictures and words.  Ask your child to help you push the cart.  Talk about what you’re buying, and let him pick the bread, veggies, fruit and any ingredients you will need for dinner.  The reward for being helpful and nice can be a snack he picks up himself at the store.  Use the ingredients you bought to cook dinner.  Involve your child with the cooking – he can help wash vegetables, add ingredients, smell and taste dishes, adjust seasonings, and set the table.


    Thursday: Clean up the house.  Have your child help you with chores.  Make sure you assign a reward for every chore that he helps you with.  Put some excitement into the cleaning – racing laundry hampers, sword fighting with brooms, playing with bubbles at the sink.


    Friday: Go to the park.  Enjoy the swings and race down he slides.  Chase each other while you play tag and bring a soccer ball to kick around.  Play balloon toss or blow bubbles.  Go home and make a 5-page book, one page to capture each day.  Use construction paper and get creative.  You could draw a picture of both of you planting, for Day 1, and so on.  Add words, and decorations to your pictures, and staple sheets together.


    Whatever you do, remember to relax and spend some fun times together!

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