Software Products that Support Learning for ASD Users

  • ABAM does not endorse or recommend any of the following products. This is a small sampling of the several helpful products available, to help parents get started with some ideas that they can explore.



    Education City


    A web-based, instructional intervention tool to provide fun and engaging student activities and teaching resources correlated to state and Common Core standards in pre-K through 6th grade language arts, math, science, and ESL. Activities capture the attention of young learners with bright colors, catchy music and a multitude of characters.




    Provides live internet Speech Language Pathology services to families and schools. Gives access to quality SLPs specializing in speech/language needs to maximize on children’s interest in computer technology in a convenient and inexpensive way.



    Life Skills Winner

    $10.00 a year

    Teaches life and social skills in an interactive way that provides positive feedback through web or mobile device. App includes step by step directions in every day tasks that allows the user to gain points and earn prizes that the guardian will have control over.



    Autism Unlocked


    Teaches critical language skills for children who are non-verbal or have very limited speech. Users learn how to reciprocate basic conversation skills, improve or learn typing skills, teaching waiting skills.



    Accelerations Educational Software


    Evidence based, direct instructional software program with over 250 curriculum of motivating reinforces, and data tracking/assessment features for independent learning. Includes video modeling in a wide variety of skills.


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