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    Hear and Go Seek Everyday Sounds


    The Everyday sounds listen and match game addresses early literacy and listening skills. This set includes 12 game boards, one CD, and 120 plastic chips. A helpful instruction sheet has suggestions for even more vocabulary building activities.


    Positions Game


    Young children gain an understanding of spatial positions in this colorful activity that doubles as a game. Self-checking tiles help children match each time the characters are “behind”, “over”, “beside”, etc. Each of the characters has its own guide board to help reinforce what the child has learned. Includes 36 game tiles and four guide boards made from thick durable card stock.


    Rory’s Story Cubes


    This game includes nine dice, with simple icons on each side creating a total of 54 images. The goal is for players to work together to create a story based on the visual prompts of the story cubes. Each player takes turns rolling the dice, and creating a story based on one of the icons they see after they roll.

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    Marble Maze


    This is an interesting marble maze where the child cannot see the maze but has to feel it with his fingers. This is a good fine motor activity, especially for children who are not ready for paper and pencil mazes.

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