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    Sensory Balls – Set of 4


    When children hold a sensory ball, they enjoy the nubbly texture. When they squeeze one, they can feel the rubber stretch and contract beneath their fingertips. Sensory balls are effective in massage stimulation. Softly rolling textured sensory balls on a child’s back or feet heightens sensory awareness. They also provide children with an easy grip in are great for playing catch.


    Play That Tune


    Kids can step on the keys of this over-sized electronic keyboard and make music. This is a fun toy that builds coordination, encourages musical ability, and provides tactile input.


    Lap Pad for Sensory Issues


    Lap pads are used to help children with sensory issues, such as autism, ADD, and ADHD, to focus. The material is quilter quality cotton fabric on both sides. Cotton/polyester blend fabric is used for batting and sandwiching the polybeads between the layers. The pad is approx 12×18 inches. It is generally suggested to make the lap pads 8% of the child’s body weight, so this pad is for a 30-45 pound child. The pad can be machine washed in cold, dry, low heat setting.


    3M Peltor Junior Earmuff


    Hearing protection for sensitive ears. Comes with liquid foam ear cushions and an adjustable stainless steel headband for a customized fit.


    Sensory Stimulation Gears


    Features 95 plastic pieces that snap together and are compatible with all other Gears! Gears! Gears!® building sets. The pieces provide tactile and visual input while encouraging creativity and fine motor skills. Includes spinning gears, pillars, connectors, cranks to set creations in motion and interlocking plates.


    Tangle Fuzzy


    Fuzzy and multi-colored fidget toy. Can be twisted and turned, 7” extended, 18 interconnected 1” pieces. Made of ABS plastic with fuzzy covering. Link colors: red, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and purple.

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