Sensory Products

  • balance-stepping-stones

    Tactile Balance Stepping Stones


    7” tactile balance stepping stones come in a set of three and are designed to improve body awareness and stabilization. They can be used for a variety of activities such as obstacle courses or simply use two to step on and help improve balance, coordination, gross motor and more. The stones are a hemisphere with the rounded side being spiky and the flat side being smooth – this allows for different types of sensory input and also provides two levels of difficulty.



    Abilitations Calming Tactile Input Hide-n Find Toy, Fleece


    Abilitations Calming Tactile Input Hide-n Find Toy allows your child to explore and feel various objects hidden inside a bag full of beans. The game is a fun way to engage in speech and promotes learning about shapes and textures of objects.



    Safety Guard Scooter Board


    12” x 12” x 1” heavy duty plastic board with safety guards comes with non-marring, double ball-bearing swivel casters. These 3 lbs Scooter boards are designed to help children develop balancing skills, strengthen arm and leg muscles, and provide sensory input.


    Tootle Turtle Target Game_lg

    Tootle Turtle Target Game


    Bean bag tossing game that allows children to choose their teams and take turns tossing self-sticking beanbags at the turtle-shaped target that gives simple ways of learning addition and practicing hand-eye coordination.


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