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    Analogy Challenges Level A


    Helps build logical thinking and expand their vocabulary. Analogy Challenges are a series of fast-moving puzzles, with each page presenting five different analogies. Solve the first four, and get hints for the fifth challenge analogy! Grades 3-5



    Magnetic Poetry


    This kit contains over 300 magnetic words and word fragment tiles that come in a re-useable storage tin that are designed to inspire ones imagination. Includes a symphony of words including gorgeous, symphony, elaborate, time, soar, dream and many, many more!



    6 Comprehension Board Games Level 1 or 2


    Two sets of unique board games will engage while teaching critical comprehension strategies!

    Level 1 – Cause & Effect – Context Clues – Fact or Opinion – Main Idea – Sequencing – Vocabulary

    Level 2 -Inference -Predicting Outcomes -Nonfiction -Context -Narrative Text -Vocabulary



    Parts of a Story Thumball


    Printed on each panel of the Thumball is a word, graphic, photo or logo relating to a specific subject. Toss it in your hands and read what is written on the panel beneath your thumb. Answer for yourself or ask another player the question. For example, If your thumb lands on “where does the story take place?” you could answer “In a castle.”



    Learn to build sentences with our open-ended learning game


    Set includes heavy duty interlocking cards to build sentences. Versatile cards make it easy to individualize activities for each learner. Cards cover parts of speech, capital letters, punctuation, building sentences, and more. This set includes 55 color coded word cards, as well as 27 photo cards, and 4 punctuation cards.

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