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    PegLight is a simple to use drawing program which lets you create peg drawings. Choose from different shapes and colors to make your own customized peg drawing. After you finish, share it with your friends on Facebook or with the PegLight community which has thousands of free drawings from other PegLight users you can download from within the app instantly.

    Feature Highlights:
    * New, optional peg styles and colors (circles, stars, triangles and squares)
    * New selection tool (Normal, Square, Ellipse)
    * PegLight Community for sharing peg drawings with other PegLight 2 users
    * Universal app that works on iPad and iPhone
    * Improved interface from the original PegLight
    * Many more features planned in the next two months

    At launch in landscape orientation, PegLight 2 displays a blank canvas, a large grid of dark gray dots on a black background. In the lower left of the tab bar are five dots from which to choose: black, red, yellow, green, or blue. Touching any color selects it, and young artists can “insert” color pegs into any “hole” in the grid. Pegs can be put in one at a time by touching any dot, whether empty or already filled. Dragging across the screen creates a line of colored pegs. And dragging slowly with two fingers creates two lines. In fact, kids can draw together or use as many of their own fingers as they like. New in this version is the shape selection tool. In addition to the Normal mode, where pegs are applied individually, a Square tool lets the user drag the outline of a square or rectangle, which is automatically filled in with pegs. The Ellipse tool lets the user drag a white outline of a circle or ellipse, which is immediately filled in when the artist lifts their finger from the screen.

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