Homemade Granola

  • Granola

    This recipe is bursting with vitamin E, magnesium, antioxidants, and even cancer-fighting flavonols. In addition, the coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is a potent anti-infective.



    3 tbs coconut oil

    1/4 cup honey

    2 cups sliced almonds

    1 cup dry-roasted, unsalted cashews

    1 cup dried, shredded coconut

    pinch of salt



    1. In a large pan, melt the coconut oil and honey over medium heat.

    2. Add in the almonds, cashews, dried coconut, and salt, and stir gently to coat.

    3. Continue stirring for five minutes, until the honey begins to sizzle.

    4. Pour everything out onto a large sheet of parchment paper, and allow to cool.

    5. Transfer into a large 10-cup food processor, and pulse a few times until the desired texture is achieved.

    6. Store in an airtight container below 75 degrees for maximum crunchiness.


    Recipe submitted by Jennifer Noonan

    Jennifer lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two children on the autism spectrum. They have tried several diets and have found the most success with the dairy-free version of the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. For more information, please look up www.thegfcflady.com


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