Getting a Service Dog


    Father to 16 year old with autism

    As Abbi grew, her autism became more and more pronounced.  Any break in routine would bring about anxiety and going out even to familiar places brought on an overload.  Going to any store would reduce her to screaming on the floor.  We left the house less and less.  We stopped going anywhere as a family.  We stopped vacations, shopping together, movies and even stopped going to church.

    Until we got a service dog named Palua. Palua is always right where Abbi needs her to be; a constant, predictable and silent companion on the apprehensive voyage outside our home.  Palua literally changed her life – and ours.  Through her dog, Abbi interacts with the world.  She is relaxed and enjoys outings now.   We can now go out and do regular outings like any other family.

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