Fun Ways to Teach Letters

  • Cheryl, mom to 6 year old with ASD and NT 10 yr old twins

    I’ve tried many different things to teach my son letters – the usual writing in the sand, shaving cream, etc.  Here are 2 fun ways that are starting to work for him – he really is a movement guy, maybe that’s why they help:

    - We take used cardboard boxes of different sizes – detergent boxes, coffe cans, tissue boxes, packing boxes, gift boxes – and cover them with contact paper – then we write letters on them using markers – to make them resemble letter cubes, except these are huge.  Then we try to stack them into towers.  One thing I did was prepare several boxes in advance when he was in schol.  Then when I did the activity with him, he could visualize what we were going to do.  Also, he only has to make a couple at a time, so he’s not frustrated.  (He enjoyed this activity so much that lately, we’ve been doing the same concept with colors).

    - Form human letters (you need 3 to 4 people for this so do this with your family) – a friend of mine does this with her kids – at first when I watched her, it seemed so easy.  Her kids are typical and they just followed her directions and then kept adding ideas and making it more challenging.  With my son, it didn’t work at first.  My older twins (typical) started getting bored as he couldn’t keep up.

    So I tried this.  I drew large letters on a big sheet of white paper on a flip chart.  But instead of lines and strokes, I used little people.  Just stick figures (am not an artist).  He saw this and seemed to understand what we were trying to do on the floor.  Then our letter making game went much better.


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