Fruit Smoothie

  • Fruit Smoothie

    Cherry smoothie

    Pack protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals into this power drink

    1/3 of large 16 oz. container of So Delicious brand coconut milk yogurt – plain flavored,

    1/3 ripe banana,

    approximately ½ cup organic apple or pear juice,

    1 tablespoon NutriBiotic brand rice protein powder (vanilla),

    ½ tablespoon of nut butter (optional)


    To finish the smoothie, add the following ingredients for different variations (note – these were named after “Thomas the Engine and Friends” to help encourage my child to drink the green Percy shake):

    1. James Shake (red) – 6-8 organic frozen or fresh cherries, you can use organic 100% cherry juice (I buy mine from Trader Joe’s) in this shake for extra red color but it is not necessary.
    2. Thomas Shake (blue) – ½ cup frozen organic blueberries. For more intense color, use 100% blueberry juice from Trader Joe’s rather than apple juice.
    3. Rosie Shake (pink) – add 3-5 organic strawberries, fresh or frozen.
    4. Douglass Shake (yellow) – This is actually a mango lassi. Add ½ cup organic mango chunks (can use frozen) or mango puree, 1 drop of rose water (optional) to the yogurt mixture. You can add extra sweetness with honey or agave nectar, if needed. For extra nutrition, you can also add a few frozen butternut squash chunks.
    5. Percy Shake (green) – This is the only shake that I don’t use yogurt. Use ½ cup fresh or frozen mango chunks, ½ ripe banana, ½ cup organic apple juice, one organic date, pitted, and desired amount of fresh or frozen organic baby spinach. Blend ingredients. You can add more apple juice or water for a thinner consistency. You can also buy a cup (with a straw) that is not see-through to hide the color of this shake.


    Blend all ingredients until smooth. For a thinner consistency, use more juice or switch to So Delicious brand Kefir (found in yogurt section of Whole Foods Market or Sprouts Farmers Market).


    Submitted by Kim Rice

    Kim Rice is a mother and wellness coach ( helping parents with kids on the autism spectrum to transition their family to a gluten and dairy free life style (GFCF). Both she and her son, who is on the spectrum, have experienced great success and healing on a GFCF diet.


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