Doing Art with my Nephew


    Naomi, 21, aunt to boy with autism

    I love art and have done quite a few art projects with my nephew who has autism.  He was very inattentive at first.  All he wanted to do was play with the materials.  So I started following this method.  I give him a few minutes to do what he wants, make a mess.  He likes to get paint all over his hands and he squishes the paint between his fingers.  Once he has gotten his ‘rush’, I have him clean up and wash his hands.  Then I have him pick up the brush, dip it in paint and make strokes.   After painting for sometime, and completing his picture, I let him play again with the paint.  After practicing this a few times, he now understands the routine.  Recently, I was surprised when he examined the picture he had painted more closely.  He put an additional stroke, and then seemed satisfied.  I’m wondering – if we continue this long enough, will he get past his sensory exploration stage, and get more into painting images.

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