Color Identification Games & Activities

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    Magnetic Color Maze


    Made of solid wood and plexiglass with a child friendly design to develop fine motor, counting, color skills and more. Just slide the magnetic wand across the cover to feed the Tucan, Tiger, Lion, Rhino, Hippo and Alligator.



    Lets Learn Our Colors


    Match the colorful photograph tiles to the correct color word cards. Each color consists of 5 tiles with colorful actual photographs. The color game activity mat allows children to place the proper tile with the correct word and picture. Each color image helps children learn their colors by allowing them to recognize the correct match. There are 5 different objects that match each color.


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    Fun with Color


    Fun with Color includes twenty-four simple rhyming stories that reinforce color recognition and can be used for a consistent or variable story line. Entertain children with characters featuring red, orange, black, brown, gray, white, yellow, green, blue, turquoise, pink and purple. Reinforce color learning with book activities, and use worksheets to encourage practice and reinforce learned skills. Includes 51 activities, 25 stories, two interactive worksheets for each color and an 11 page coloring book.




    Color Photo Lacing Cards


    Lacing cards help children improve their fine motor skills, and develop early math skills as they follow the dots. Includes 6 lacing cards with colorful photos and 6 multi-colored 36” laces with safe plastic tips.



    Color Game


    Players will fill individual game boards with colorful photograph cards to complete the game. 3 ways to play. Includes 60 game cards plus directions in English and Spanish. 1 to 6 players.


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