Calming Sensory Products

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    Joki Hammock Swing – Hanging Crow’s Nest


    Wrapped in the soft fabric, sitting on the large and soft seat cushion, children find peace, quiet and comfort in this hanging crow’s nest. Soft swinging stimulates the sense of balance and the development of the brain.


    Pea Pod Calming Station


    Inflatable with heavy-gauge vinyl and triple-welded seams make the Pea Pod strong and durable. Soft, flocked, velvety surface and a shape that provides a cocoon-like environment to help you child feel safe and comfortable!



    Memory Foam Massager


    The Memory Foam Massager has a soft microfiber cover to vibrate the neck, back, arm or leg. Wrap the massager around the targeted area and choose from two levels of vibration. Soft microfiber cover.



    Indigo Dreams Audio CD


    Four unique bedtime stories incorporate breathing, visualizations, muscular relaxation and affirmations. Children follow the characters along as they learn belly breathing with A Boy and a Bear, make positive statements with The Affirmation Web, visualize with A Boy and a Turtle and relax with The Goodnight Caterpillar.



    Crash Pad


    Our Crash Pad is a helpful tool for improving vestibular and proprioceptive senses. It is sturdy enough for jumping on and soft enough for sitting and relaxing. Covered with a durable nylon cover that wipes clean.


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