Books That Foster Self Esteem

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    The Survival Guide for Kids with Autism Spectrum Disorders (And Their Parents)


    By Elizabeth Verdick and Elizabeth Reeve

    This book helps kids on the autism spectrum understand their diagnosis and recognize their individual needs and differences. It encourages kids to focus on what they can do, as opposed to what they cannot.



    Ben Has Autism. Ben is Awesome!


    By Meredith Zolty, Illustrated by Rebecca Rivard

    5-year-old Ben can do many things, such as, type his own name or play hide-and-seek, but there are also some things that Ben has trouble with, like putting on his pajamas. This book teaches kids to focus on their strengths, while acknowledging their weaknesses.



    Jay and Ben


    By Lulu Delacre and Katharine Swanson

    ​Jay and Ben tell the story of a little boy who befriends a magical horse in an interactive way to teach children about language, reading, story comprehension, functional skills, and other learning concepts.



    Troy’s Amazing Universe: M is for Mall


    By S. Kennedy Tosten

    Based on the author’s son who is on the spectrum, Tosten will open your eyes to Troy, a non verbal boy who has an amazingly optimistic universe inside his head.


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