Books about Life Skills

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    How to Teach Life Skills to Kids with Autism or Asperger’s


    By Jennifer McIlwee Myers and Temple Grandin

    This book gives advice on how to create opportunities for children to learn in natural settings and situations, teaching everyday vital skills, helping individuals on the spectrum develop good habits, improve time management skills such as punctuality and task-switching, and more.



    The Parents’ Guide to Teaching Kids with Asperger’s and ASD

    Real-Life Skills for Independence


    By  Patricia Romanowski and Peter Gerhardt

    This book shows parents how to teach skills through strategies based on ABA to identify critical skills appropriate for your child’s age.



    Asperger’s on the Job


    By Rudy Simone

    Provides balanced guidelines for success, including interview tips and personal job map tools to help find their employment niche.



    Steps to Independence


    By Bruce L. Baker, Ph.D. and Alan J. Brightman, Ph.D.

    Gives parents of children from age 3 through young adulthood proven strategies for teaching children the life skills they’ll need to live independently. Parents will start with a reader-friendly overview of the basics of teaching and then go deeper with a step-by-step guide to teaching seven different types of skills.


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