Autism Safety Products

  • Autism Safety Products

    Disclaimer: Autism Bay Area Magazine does not endorse any of the following products. This list is for general information only. Please use your own judgement in determining ways to keep your child safe.

    Angel Guard

    Keeps child from unbuckling seat belt.

    Autism ID Card

    The Autism ID Card helps people on the autism spectrum explain their medical condition to police, EMTs, and other first responders in the event of an emergency.

    EZ100 Personal Emergency Notifier and GPS Tracker

    Instant Locate

    This device locates about 350 million mobile devices.

    Kids Safety Bands

    A silicone wristband – parents customize their child’s safety band with the initials of their child along with their contact number(s).

    LifePROTEKT GPS Technology

    LoJack SafetyNet

    Personal locator bracelets for individuals with autism with a tendency to wander. After contacting authorities when your child goes missing, law enforcement and public safety officials use LoJack Search and Rescue Receivers to track the radio signal being emitted from the Personal Locator Bracelet on your child’s wrist or ankle.

    Medical ID Store, Inc.

    Products include custom engraved medical jewelry ID, medical ID bracelets sports bands, and medical ID shoe alert tags.

    My Precious Kid Child Safety Products

    Products for children with special needs, babies/toddlers, and the elderly.

    The Safety Sleeper

    A zippered enclosure that keeps the sleeper safe in his/her own bed and prevents them from unattended wandering.


    A temporary safety child ID tattoo includes your mobile phone number.

    Seat Belt Buckle Guard

    Prevents child from releasing the seat belt while the car is in motion.

    Window Safety Guard

    Keeps a window from opening more than you want it to, helping to keep children safe around open window, especially for upstairs bedrooms.

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