Autism Bay Area Purpose – Building Community

  • Everyday, 67 children in the US are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  What happens to these families?  First they disappear from their social circles.  They get caught up in therapies, services, the emotional trauma of the diagnosis, and the daily challenges that their child’s autism throws at them.


    Some of them are fortunate enough to have their child respond to certain interventions and make substantial progress.  Others may find that their child will continue to have tremendous challenges.  Some may find understanding friends and family that keep them connected to the world and to themselves.  Others continue to struggle on their own and become more and more isolated.


    In starting Autism Bay Area magazine, we had one central purpose in mind.  To keep families from becoming isolated.  To help our children keep on taking the next little step and growing.  To have hope, but above all, to have warmth and connection.  To find the joyful moments in raising our children.


    For it does not matter how much our children learn, if we can’t love them even with their limitations.  It does not matter how many therapies we do or how many seminars we attend, if we cannot enjoy being together with our families.


    I hope that this year, you will spend fun times with all of your loved ones, and especially your child with ASD.  I hope you can find the time to just be in the moment and make happy memories with your child.  I wish you a peaceful and joyful 2015!  As always, we are here for you – to listen, to share, and to support you.


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