10 Teaching Tips for Swimming

10 Teaching Tips for Swimming Swimming is an excellent activity for developing gross motor skills. Also water can have a calming effect on some children, thus aiding in sensory integration. It is important to observe, understand, and assess the child … Continued

Our First Camping Trip

Our First Camping Trip Rishi Arya Nothing brings a family closer together than a fun vacation, especially one in the outdoors enjoying nature and getting away from the routine of home, school, and work. Our son was barely 3 years … Continued

Better Focus Through Fidgeting

Better Focus Through Fidgeting Moira Sullivan, M.A., O.T.R. There is much discussion today about how children are less able to focus on an activity, particularly when they are learning.  Fidgeting, squirming in their seat, looking out the window, doodling, these … Continued

Making Your In-Home ABA Therapy More Effective

Making Your In-Home ABA Therapy More Effective Shanti Kurada ABA is often the first, and in some cases the longest intervention a child on the spectrum receives.  If implemented correctly, it can be very effective with skill acquisition.  However it … Continued

Self Help in the Special Education World

Self-Help in the Special Education World: How To Get Compliance With An IEP Without an Attorney Susan Foley, Attorney at Law As an attorney concentrating in Special-Education matters with public school districts, I often remember the times when I was … Continued

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and Autism

Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and Autism Patti Hamaguchi, M.A., CCC-SLP Four year old Ben climbs up the stool and announces, “Jah gih ME… day-duh”. His mother  looks down and sees the bagel in his hand, then to the couch … Continued

Out to Lunch

Out To Lunch Jennifer Cummings I buckle my brother’s seatbelt, lock the door, and then look him directly in the eye as I announce the rules for the day, “Joshie, listen to Jenny today.” He repeats “Listen to Jenny today,” … Continued