ABA Flash Cards – Animals

  • Flash cards are vital in helping children develop expressive and receptive language skills, master new vocabulary and strengthening comprehension.

    Kindergarten.com’s Animal Flash Card set offers 100 beautiful animal photos. With early learners in mind, we’ve included a fun audio description of each animal. Our hope is that by offering descriptive language, beyond the label, your child will begin to develop and comprehend further language concepts.

    Top features of our apps:

    -Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
    -Over 100 clear, colorful animal images
    -Item selection allows you to choose your own targets
    -Option to turn the flash card label ON or OFF to quiz the user
    -Data tracking discretely keeps track of correct/incorrect answers
    -Data recording you can email to parents, teachers, therapists
    -Optional timer for fluency practice
    -Option to turn the audio ON or OFF
    -Option to turn the item description feature ON or OFF
    -Option to shuffle flash cards or show in alphabetical order
    -Option to choose randomized reinforcement

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