10 Ways to Turn Your Shopping Trip into an Educational Experience

  • 1. Prep your child – Before you leave, talk about where you’re going and what you’re going to buy.


    2. Make a list – Your list could have words and pictures. Help your child group items under sections such as produce, snacks, etc.


    3. Practice parking lot safety – Check for cars while crossing, insist on your child walking right next to you.


    4. Choose between cart and basket – Let your child decide based on the length of your shopping list.


    5. Push/ carry – Let your child push one end of the cart while you stabalize the other end. If basket is chosen, carry one each.


    6. Go over list – Talk about what is available, read labels, and allow choices.


    7. Allow problems to happen – Let your child handle dropped items or missing items independently.


    8. Let your child group items for bagging – Help your child place items in the bags.


    9. Teach him/her how to pay for items – Remind him/her to thank the cashier.


    10. Practice safe walking – Teach your child how to maneuver a full cart back to the car.

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