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Autism Awareness

The Light It Up Blue campaign was started by Autism Speaks in 2010, as a way of raising autism awareness.  Landmarks around the world such as the Empire State Building, CN Tower (Toronto), and the Kingdom Tower (Saudi Arabia) as … Continued

Autism Bay Area Purpose – Building Community

Everyday, 67 children in the US are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  What happens to these families?  First they disappear from their social circles.  They get caught up in therapies, services, the emotional trauma of the diagnosis, and the daily … Continued

Discrimination within the Autism Parent Community

I recently met a  parent of an ASD child at a mutual friend’s house.  Naturally, we gravitated toward each other.  In the middle of our conversation about schools, programs, and summer activities, she said, “My son is not one of … Continued

10 Ways to Understand and Communicate with a Nonverbal Child

Shanti Kurada, MS, MBA Children on the spectrum may be non-verbal for a variety of reasons that are not fully understood. They may have childhood apraxia, a condition that causes difficulty with making sounds, syllables, and words. They may be … Continued

Are We Truly Okay?

Recently, a Bay Area mom of a child with autism took her life.  She was known to her family and friends as a generous, caring person, one who was actively involved with her family and in the community.  She had … Continued